Hotel Employee Offers More Than Just Sheet Folding


Dude goes to a new city and spends the night out on the town before heading back into the hotel to get a good nights rest. While jerking off early the next morning the sexy hotel worker walks in on the act.

Unsure of how to act she apologizes and offers to suck and fuck his dick for the inconvenience. He agrees to the offer and gives his hand a rest. “Is the coffee brewing down stairs?” he asks her. “Yes it will be ready when we are done!” she tells him.

He peels off those panties before getting ready to smash out like the incredible hulk. She has some white cotton panties on she found on the side of the road one day when walking home from the park. They were still in the package so she grabbed them, figuring they must of fallen out of someones shopping bag.

He fucks her better than eggs and sausage, which is also available. The two exchange moans as if talking in an alien language. Running on nothing but good intentions and h20 he bust a fat nut on her pussy and sends her on her way with a “Thank you”.

Date: March 11, 2017

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