Karina Grand Strips Down And Gets Her Ass Creampied


Karina Grand is a gorgeous petite teen that is down to take a cock in her ass. She slides out of her jean shorts as if they were lubed. When she walked into the room time stopped and admired her grace. Gods jaw dropped at his own skill when her clam slid from its home in her panties.

Pornstar Karina Grand

There isn’t much I’d rather see right now than Karina Grand get her cute little asshole fucked. I’m in luck! She’s looking very vital and vibrant in this porn video. Dicks out if you agree!


Karina Grand Gets Her Asshole Licked

Look at this lucky guy eating her asshole like a perfectly frosted gingerbread cookie. She looks to be enjoying it. Pretty mint job if you ask me. Pays well too! She’s very open minded. Had to train her asshole for a week straight before this video.

Karina Grand 3

After lubing up her asshole with his spit he finally slides his cock inside. She loves every mnute of it and nears an orgasm almost upon insertion. She purses her lip and really feels that huge cock slide into her box hitting all her sensitive points.

The anal creampie..

Karina Grand Anal Creampie

After a solid fucking session she throws her legs back and he pounds on her cunt. He finally erupts in orgasm burying a nut deep inside her anus. Some say it’s in there still to this very day. Karina Grand is a sexy teen porn star that knows how to take a dick in her ass.

Date: January 14, 2017

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