Kiara Lord Gets Meticulously Fucked By Her King


Kiara Lord is a sexy petite blonde girl with a nice ass and a craving for the dick. What starts as a friendly breakfast turns into a world changing fuck fest for the two rulers. Tucked away in a comfortable home the two enjoy a sensual grinding session before planning how to better the lives of their people.

Kiara Lord kissing

Wearing panties and a shirt with hard nipples underneath he turns her key and lust ignites like gas to the pistons. The engines revs and the energy ebbs and flows. “This is better than a home cooked meal!” he tells her sexually. She giggles and rubs her butt on his dick before one thing leads to another and the two find themselves enthralled in positive emotions and stimulating thoughts.

Kiara Lord sex on sofa

He pushes her legs up giving her a good lower body stretch while kissing her feet and thrusting his dick inside of her causing her to rotate attention between everything happening at once. A Christmas moose decorates the background peering at the couple in admiration and curiosity. “How did these two meet?” the moose wonders to himself nonchalantly while sipping his coffee.

She gets on top and puts her feet over his thighs and her hands on the sofa riding up and down slowly. “Oooh I like this one..” he thinks out loud. She rides his dick like a snowmobile does snow. Smooth and elegantly throwing up white chunks every so often. He stares deeply into her nipple, wondering how he got so lucky..

Cum flies out the tip!

She slides up, like the opposite way that water falls over waterfalls. Grabbing a hold of his cock she rubs it up and down coaxing a nut from hibernation and into the open air. It falls lovingly on her foot and into his pubic hair. The two laugh and giggle and walk back into the kitchen to make some pop corn and watch Netflix and smoke a bowl of weed.

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Date: January 31, 2017

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