Elsa Jean Gets Creampied By Her Best Friends Brother


With her best friend gone, Elsa Jean is ready to go after what she wants.. Elsa makes her way to her best friends brothers room where he is peacefully resting. She waste no time in telling him that she has been dreaming about him fucking her with his big black cock.

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The two passionately kiss exchanging moans and lustful eye contact. He pulls her shorts up her ass crack with excitement and anticipation. Rubbing her back and pulling her close sexually. He pulls down her shorts and panties to reveal an out of this world body that just screams fuck me. Elsa Jean gets exactly what she wants and is ready to show her friends brother that she can fuck.

Climbing up his naked body Elsa gently allows his big dick to slide inside her tight little pussy. His massive cock stretches her pussy open causing her lips to wrap tightly around the phallus. She holds his face and peers into his eyes as he thrust in and out of her tiny body. The petite porn star enjoys every minute of their secret fuck. Ready to suck a dick, she hops down on two knees.

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Her cute perky titties hang free. Elsa Jean is ready for some doggy style fucking! The two quickly make their way back to the bed. Pushing her pussy into the air he shoves his big dick inside of it. She moans loudly as he penetrates deep inside of her. An orgasm occurs and gets pumped deeply inside of her cum canister. Closing her eyes and moaning in pleasure she feels satisfied.

Elsa Jean creampie

Date: June 30, 2017

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