Jojo Kiss Takes It In The Ass For The First Time


Jojo Kiss is a tiny little thing that gets her ass pounded, laid, and eaten like a chicken finger. She comes out all sexy in her lingerie dress thing and lays on the couch when a dude comes out and starts laying game like monopoly money to the table. He eats her little pussy like a four course meal and leaves more than just the tip.

We like to watch her take her panties off in slow motion over and over again. It’s one of our favorite past times. This tiny brunette can seriously handle a cock. If she made me breakfast in bed it would be a great day. If she walked around in her bra and panties all day that would be fine with me. If she only ever wore Yoga pants everyday for the rest of her life aside from when we fuck that would also be acceptable to me. Except in the summer time when all the petite sexy girls with perfect boobs are wearing sun dresses and soaking up the rays while tanning their bodies to perfection. She’s about to take it in the ass.

Jojo has a perfect ass and we love that she allowed us to watch it get fucked. I wish I was first but what can you do? We hope to see you next time here at the nest.

Date: December 8, 2016

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