Dakota Skye Takes It In Every hole Much To Our Delight


Dakota Skye is a tight little blonde that can handle a dick like an ocean doth a wave. Thrown around yet never losing her solid footing and bearings upon the situation she comes to command and control the cock and managerial personal floating around in the immediate vicinity if we’re talking shoot shoot.

Dakota Skye's Perfect Ass

Lights camera action as she was quoted saying while wearing a large cum stain on her shoulder and holding a huge dick in her other hand. The free hand was used to gently rub her pussy in a clockwise motion alternating directions every once and awhile while simultaneously applying pulsating pressure on the situation at hand.

Dakota Skye Is So Fucking Perfect

She is ready to gobble up the dick and does so well by performing fellatio upon the cock in the video. She grabs said cock and stuffs it into her pussy before allowing him to penetrade her tiny assfor all it’s worth. She gets her ass stretched just enough to wane a nut from my dick. She sucks like a pro and fucks like a ho. I’d like to plumb her out with my pipe over and over again. I doubt I’d tire of it. I’d just need some time to recharge my batteries in between eruptions of human DNA.

Dakota Skye

Would you just take a moment to look at that body, that for sure is a body that I would love to look down and see sucking my fairly alright sized dick. That would be great, surely. I’m init for the traffic and the influence. She is a seasoned pro and treats the job like so by igniting passion in the hearts of men and boys around the world. She’d fuck an old man in the future that ended up being me as I aged like a fine wine.


She takes the dick in her anus like she’s previously had some experience with the anal sex, not every guy is as lucky that can find a girl that is willing to let him stretch out her anus. I hear it actually is very pleasureable for all parties involved. I do believe it’s true as I once have stuck a finger up my butt before and it wasn’t terrible. I’d much rather stick my finger into Dakota’s butt tho.

Date: January 1, 2017

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