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This inked radio announcer tries to do his job professionally, but his naughty redhead guest Dani Jensen has other plans. First, she reveals her big fake boobs, dazzling him in the middle of the phone conversation with a listener. He signals her that he’s on air, but she follows her own desires and crawls under the table. Realizing that he can’t, or doesn’t want to, escape, he helps her take out his big boner out.

Dani Jensen

She starts to vigorously suck his dick and he barely makes it to the end of the conversation. Once finished, he grabs the slut’s head and buries his cock deep in her throat. Determined to teach Dani Jensen a lesson, he bends her over the table and slams his large member into her cunt. Like every good radio host, he has a couch in his office and uses it to continue destroying her teen pussy.

Dani Jensen

Date: November 23, 2017
Actors: Dani Jensen

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