Stella Cox fucks her roomie on her own terms

Stella Cox is a freak who loves to prance around her roommate’s house naked. The dude thinks he has a problem with it and confronts Stella about it but Stella uses her seducing powers on the dude and fucks him. She’s getting him naked against the wall and is jerking on his dick as they are kissing passionately. Then, she takes a knee and starts sucking on his long black willy.
Stella Cox
They are fucking on the counter and the long dark man meat is getting Stella Cox real wet. The cock goes in and out and the dude is getting there to. They fuck in a reverse cowgirl position, then on a chair and then as the dude starts feeling his cum rise up he stops. He assumes the position where he can explode better on her face and lets it rip. He hits her face and the cum drips all over her juicy boobs.
Stella Cox
Date: January 10, 2018
Actors: Stella Cox

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