Elizabeth Jolie Seduces Her Roommate


Elizabeth Jolie is a porn star with a nice frame and a solid rack. Looking good enough to film, she seduces her room mate after texting his girlfriend and getting her to break up with him. He gets mad and yells at her and responds by poking her butt up in the air.

Elizabeth Jolie ass

With an ass like that it isn’t hard for her to get what she wants. Elizabeth Jolie talks her room mate into fucking her, and he does so with style and grace. She gives him a knowing smirk and pulls him close so he can slide up inside her wonderfully wet pussy.

Elizabeth Jolie doggystyle

Elizabeth Jolie pulls her cheek aside and lets his huge cock penetrate deep into her baby maker. She’s wearing a colorful tank top that reveals a perky little titty. The two passionately fuck. She has nice thick thighs and a round ass worthy of a picture frame.

Elizabeth Jolie fucked

He grabs a hand full of tit while she reaches between her legs and rubs her pussy while he’s deep inside of her. Porn star Elizabeth Jolie smiles and looks deep into his eyes reading his mind. He moans telepathically at her, lifting her spirits and making her cum all over his dick.

Elizabeth Jolie cowgirl

Hopping atop his cock she slides herself down on it and lets out a gasp of pleasure. She gets fucked so good and hard she needs to look down and make sure her belly button wasn’t thrown out of position. Her hard nipples point to the sky while she slides up and down continuously until she hops off and sucks his big dick until he nuts in her face with the force of a thousand horsepower engine.


Date: April 10, 2017
Actors: Elizabeth Jolie

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