Emo Babe Janice Griffith Gets A Hardcore Pounding


In this wonderful scene we have Janice Griffith handling a dick in an Emo styled outfit like a tomato in a garden, whatever the fuck that means. She walks down the stairs, up the stairs, models her outfit, and puts her own little twist on the whole scene.

Janice Griffith lingerie

As you can see here she is wearing lingerie and is getting her ass grabbed which isn’t bad, we’re pretty excited about the whole fucking thing. Check out that lamp in the background bro, left upper corner. I can’t see the light switch but it looks pretty bright outside anyway. They got a nice little painting in the background which looks like it could still have some color splashed on it, if anyone gets bored. The couch is amazingly white, like seriously, how the fuck are they keeping the couch that white? Did they like, get a new couch couple weeks or what? Hopefully they donate the old one, I’m sure they do.

She gets right down on her knees quicker than a sentence out my mind. Grabbing the peenor, she handles like a nip of fire ball. Promptly stuffing it into her mouth, and using her hands to her advantage. Jannice Griffith is a dick sucking pro. She’s a porn creating, artistic spewing, pussy having, wonderful human being, in a porn scene.

Here she be, with a dick about to get stuffed in dat pussay like a dick in a butt, but an inch up or so. Nice make up on her, and some titties, with nipples and everything. Lacey lingerie and stockings for increased hand traction. Fold up and fuck down, that’s the motto right here. Shiet’s about to get steamy in this bitch. Go ahead and jerk your dick off, shoot ya semen, wipe it on my website, Gonna be so great.

Date: February 7, 2017

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