Lily Ivy Has Some Bomb Sex With Her Dog Trainer


Lily Ivy shares a romantic moment with her Dog trainer after a successful training session. He tought her dog how to sit and stay and also to stop getting into the trash. Now that she has a well trained pup she has no more worries about having to clean up dog shit. She hops in the shower and cleans up before looking up into his eyes like this. As if to say “Thank you so fucking much for training my dog”. He thought for awhile and responded with a clever “Do you want to suck this dick”, which turned her on immediately.

Lily Ivy porn

Having agreed to being down with sucking that dick she goes ahead and unzips his pants and puts the dog in the other room with a full plate of food. She looks up and down the penis admiring its firm stature before gliding it into her mouth like a squirrel traveling branch to branch. Opening her mouth like a mouth, she takes the penis inside.

Lily Ivy blowjob

Carefully licking from top to bottom and beat boxing at the same time she gives an amazing blow job. He’s fairy satisfied with her work and continues to have a penis. After awhile of time goes by the two are ready to switch it up a bit and then they move on to some sexual intercourse. Fucking like rabbits on Viagra. Boning like horses on meth, Screwing like drivers on acid, They begin to fuck.

She yells out at the top of her lungs “Vinivinivici!” the dude looks up slightly confused but continues fucking while holding herleg up and staring into her ear to see what she’s thinking. One had clasped a side and one dick about a dick deep gets worked in and out like a McDonald’s drive through. Her boobies jiggle in the wind like flowers in a field, she’s moaning out in pleasure and contemplating on a meal. With a vision in the screen and a good time on her lips, she lays down on the bed and takes a pussy full of dick.

Lily Ivy doggystyle

Switching up the style like direction on a snowboard, she gets it from behind and loves it. She just got a fresh hair cut so she’s feeling pretty stylish in this porn video and handles the fucking like a fifth of Vodka. Her titties hang down and look good like a good looking girls titties. It makes me wonder what kind of Camera they used to film this as it seems to be of fairly high quality. The porn video was shot at X-Art which is seemingly a high quality studio that’s pumping out quality videos of actors pumping out nuts into other sexy actress goddesses. It’s enjoyable to watch and really puts a positive spin on the whole situation. This blonde babe gets fucked from behind.

Date: January 29, 2017

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