She Fucks Her Sisters Boyfriend For A Mind Blowing Orgasm


Elena Koshka is a pretty girl with a great body, including ass, titties, lips, eyes, and hands with fingers. That’s quite the package deal folks! In this production she shows some acting talent, allowing her sister to believe she was going to make her boyfriend breakfast when in reality she was going to suck a nut from his sperm basket like a hungry chipmunk.

Elena Koshka strips in the bedroom

She takes off her sexy tight dress and removes her tantalizing panties and bra as well. The guy can do nothing but sit in amazement and stare at the heaven like conditions unfolding around him. She licks her lips and moves forward wit her plan of seducing and riding his cock until her pussy blows cream all over the place like a drunk person cream cheesing their bagel at 3AM.

Elena Koshka sucking a dick

She jumps into action after both are in the nude, Grabbing his penis and sucking it gently while in moans in pleasure. The two share a moment of passion. She throws her hair in the wind and flashes her pearly whites for the camera, giving the Camera Man an increased blood flow to his nether regions.

Elena Koshka rides a dick

Dick ride game on point here Elena! She takes the dick into her flower cavern with joy and pleasure, Mounting the guy and riding him for all he is worth the two surely are enjoying themselves.

Elena Koshka's favorite position

Is it just me or is this anyone elses favorite position as well? Just seems like you can get so deep. I swear one time I went in that way and saw my tip poke out her mouth a little bit. She was very short and I was quite long winded to say the least.

Date: January 3, 2017

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