Ava Taylor Sucks And Fucks Her Co-Worker At Lunch Time


Ava Taylor is a professional in most cases, but when it cums to her co-worker, her panties get wetter than Niagara Falls in March and her thoughts dirtier than my panties on laundry day. Wearing angle bender glasses she can peer around corners and look directly up his anus while giving head.

She rubs his cock through his pants and he gets excited, letting a little toot slip out that goes unnoticed. Rubbing her inner thigh and talking dirty, more good things happen..

She lights up a blunt with her hand tail while taking a dick in the pussy. The two enable the backward forward thrusts to reach their destination. Ava Taylor gets fucked hard in an office on a desk in a room on the land in an atmosphere around a planet in a solar system in a box on the table.

Ava Taylor takes it from behind from her Co Worker, they both enjoy it. They might even end up lovers. She grabs his cock and stuffs it inside her while he moans in pleasure. She smiles knowing she’s about to make him nut all over her buttocks.

Date: January 28, 2017

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