Abigaile Johnson Heads Home For College After One Last Fuck


Abigaile Johnson has an hour left before she must head to the airport and board her plane back home for college. Having blessed the boyfriend with her company during vacation, they reminisce on the memories they created such as having sex on a mountain, fucking in a Subway bathroom, and punching a kangaroo in the face with one hand out the window while getting head with the top down driving through Africa.

Abigaile Johnson kisses her boyfriend

The couple surely enjoyed the experiences they manifested with a piece of paper and a pen to start. He wishes they could spend more time together, but she already told him she needs to go..  So he doesn’t say anything, but he’d hold her hand anywhere if she let him..

Abigaile Johnson with boyfriend

The two start to come up with ideas on how they want to spend their last hour together before she heads back to college and they only get to see each other in dreams. One popular idea among the two was that they should fuck and film a porn video. Abigaile Johnson is a petite blonde porn star. With her drive an full support of an influential, smart, and loyal boyfriend who’s capable of wielding his creative juices to cause change in their favor.

Abigaile Johnson rubs clitoris

Abigaile being the porn star that she is suggest that he play with her pussy and she’ll fondle his Johnson. “A solid plan!” he tells her, pulling off her jean shorts and revealing her rose scented flower. Her cute little nips remind me of pink colored nickles, while her curly hair makes me recall the waves in the ocean tumbling over one another continually rippling throughout eternity like the Earth around the Sun.

Abigaile Johnson blowjob

Considering he ate that pussy like a starving man would a burger, she decides to return the favor with a little fellatio! “My speciality..” she whispers. Priding herself in her dick sucking abilities, Abigaile Johnson is known to suck a mean dick until it’s turned nice.

Abigaile Johnson xxx pornstar

From the sofa to the floor the two have relocated their flesh vessels to a stable surface where they can commence sexual intercourse, ready the launch pad! Porn star Abigaile Johnson is proving she knows how to handle a cock. Wetter than a half gallon of wild blackberry wine, she’s sexy enough to have your hand dancing on the pole. The grand finale is her riding on top like a cowgirl in the wild wild west when suddenly her partners reproductive system coughed up a million little swimmers and sprayed them right inside of her pussy for what I like to call an Abigaile Johnson creampie.


Date: February 25, 2017

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