Nina Elle Gets Some Help Finding Her Daughter


Nina Elle is a sexy blonde with big eyes and a rock hard body. She can’t find her daughter so she invites a friend over to brain storm. The two come up with an absolutely wonderful scenario. If they both can climax at the same time, they figure her daughter will receive a telepathic message telling her to cum home. Lets see if it works!

Nina Elle

As you can see she’s not to worried.. Cleavage pops into view like onion bagels in the fridge. The two work a plan because some head is better than none.

Nina Elle fellatio

Bobbing to the melody she sucks dick so heavenly thinking to herself now I know he’ll remember me. Dude has some nifty ink, he covers her ear and she can hear the ocean. Vein ready to pump cum thru her throat to her stomach with the velocity of a coke fap.. Both enjoy the suck and are ready for the fuck..

Nina Elle cowgirl

Jiggly boobies jiggle with a flower painting on the wall.. A water bottle on the counter and a decent set of dishes in the cupboard. A nice candle to the left and an open door with what looks to be a snowy or sun lit day. She has a cute little belly button ring. He grabs her legs and flaps them like bird wings. Nina has a Twitter if you want to follow her updates.


Date: January 25, 2017

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