Jade Jantzen Gets Some Dick From The Human Resources Director


Jade Jantzen is busy doing paper work in her mini skirt. Taking care of all the incoming writer, social media management, and graphic design applications is tough work. She’s going through all the paper work when her dress slides up her perfect ass just a little bit. Revealing some panties that is sure to get any man aroused. Her Co-Worker is having trouble hiding his erection, and she becomes aware of it very quickly!

Jade Jantzen

Noticing that hard dick she has some questions. Jade Jantzen is thrown off guard at first, but after noticing the size of the member at hand, she decides she might actually want to take the time to play with it!

She waste no time getting on her knees and sucking his fat cock. She peels off her top and lets her pert titties hang loose. She sucks his dick so good he swears he enters and remains in an alternate dimension where all his business endeavors succeed and he quickly meets and works with all the right people!

Laying her down on the desk he slides up in that pussy, whispering in his ear “If there was a website where I bet you would rate my pussy a 10 out of 10! To which he replied quickly in a lustful fashion: “You got that right babe!”. That pussy is made of stars and unicorn glitter.

This office fuck ends in an epic cum shot that lands on her face with style and grace. He had been saving the load for sometime as you can see by the sheer quantity of cum he plasters on her cheeks and chin. She wipes it into her mouth and tells him what he had for breakfast before the two get back to paper work and making some money together.

Date: March 8, 2017
Actors: Jade Jantzen

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