Janice Griffith Walks In And Gets Passionately Fucked


We have been waiting for Janice Griffith to knock on the door for a minute now. I have nicknamed her “The Sexy”. Janice walks into the room seductively and strolls over to the bed majestically. The unicorn porn actress has all the right curves and the best of the best titties. There isn’t much else I want to do right now other than write this post and drink this coffee. So fucking rock on.

First she walks in

Janice Griffith

She doesn’t even need to know. Always welcome and always ready is how I roll. I don’t even think anymore, Pretty much just watch porn in the very fucking moment. Love those straps, Maybe I’m attracted to sexy shoulders. I should buy some panties and ship them and give them to a homeless person.

Janice Griffith Sucks Dick

Look at that cute little penis inside her mouth. She handles it like a fifth of Captain Morgans. Eye brows on point she came to the set ready and willing. Makes me hornier than a horse on Viagra. I’d pull my cock out in Dunkin Donuts for a girl like Janice Griffith. We’re the best team.

Then she has sex

Janice Griffith Pornstar Fucked

Ah the product is on point! How much does a gram of Janice Griffith go for nowadays anyway? Little bitch unicorn princess smoking Swishers with her ass hole. 😉

Janice Griffith Doggystyle

Ah the look of pure pleasure. The doggy style position is great for really hitting deep, plus it makes for several appealing angles to shoot from. I like the one shown here from the front. This could be doable in my own home if I get a mirror. Mirrors are cool because you can see around the corner, Like you had SOUP cooking in the kitchen while you fuck a bitch in your bedroom.

Date: January 16, 2017

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