Elena Koshka Gets Filled Up With Cum


Elena Koshka is a cute Russian chick. She’s advertising some head phones, bumping positive affirmations through the speakers. Riding a lightning comet into the future she gets her pussy wet and prepares to drop the panties like a drop from the clouds. Wearing gold plated reading glasses, Elena Koshka get heated up like fully fueled brand new furnace ready to be pulled out and put into a bigger house.

Elena Koshka

Her partner rolls in like snow off the roof. She waste no time pulling down his pants and pulling out his swollen member. “You help me, I help you” she says. Before taking a knee and sucking his battery. Couple strokes should get this thing running. BZZZZUP.

Elena Koshka Blowjob

She sucks dick for awhile and then the two get down to business and start planning on how they planning out how they wanna fuck. “I get it straight from the director himself” dude mutters. “Ugh that makes me wet” she replies promptly.

Elena Koshka Fucked

He slides up init like summer over spring. Everything starts to grow and get greener as the seasons change. Even the porn gets better once summer rolls back around like a gambler in a dice game. Rocket thrusters activated her clit steams like a CLAMs boiling in water.

Elena Koshka Fucked Creampie

Words turning out the portal like a nut from the sack. Elena Koshka gets a creampie good enough to eat. She rubs it in after he recently painted nails. She enjoyed her fuck session and got some money. Probably about $1200 if I had to guess. But i’m not sure, maybe she will tell us.

Date: February 17, 2017

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