Model Savannah Montano Shows Us How Good It All Can Be


Savannah Montano is a pretty cool name, but imagine if her name was Savannah Montana. Rolls off the tongue like wood out the chippa.. Smooth as silk threads sown together yet buttery as a slip and slide in a water park, with an ass to match.

Savannah Montano exersizing

Here she is promoting her team atop a fitness machine in an underground Gym wearing Yoga Pants. She hits every muscle at all the right angles to promote balanced definition with banana appeal.

Savannah Montano on a boat

Sipping a nutritious drink out the juicer and sporting some white see through bottoms, she floats on a boat in her new pair of sandals.

savannah montano iphone

Savannah Montano wearing legging, shoes, and a choker chain while sitting on the rug and taking a picture of herself with an iPhone is about as cool as Ice Cube in a new movie.

Savannah Montano Instagram

A lamp outside is a pretty cool Idea, at first I was all like “Why does she have a lamp outside?” and then it came to me, At night time, she can turn on the lamp! Genius.

Savannah Montano in Jeans

Here the model is wearing jeans and boots standing on a side walk like a bum before he sits down. She smiles at the camera in a cool fashion. Standing on the ground and grounding herself like a ground hog on ground hogs day. She really holds this picture together like glue to the cracks.

And in the words of Porky the Pig, “tha tht hahthtahtha hat ahthath aht ahta that’s all folks!”.  Read all my other post, print them out, and hang them around your town.


Date: January 31, 2017

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