Melissa Moore Gets A Body Rub And Bites Her Lip


Melissa Moore is a sexy brunette with a body worthy of vegetables. The wonderful porn star gets her body rubbed before the masseuse fucks her. Getting her hole filled up this petite brunette teen handles a cock like an alcoholic handles a pint of Vodka.

Melissa Moore body rub

Ass you can see, she’s enjoying the body rub. Melissa Moore is a work of art with a lust inducing frame. Getting wetter and wetter like a lawn with a sprinkler system, the sexy porn star enjoys her oily massage.

Melissa Moore horny

Moaning in pleasure while she gets her pussy rubbed she arches her back in pleasure and moans out to the gods above. He runs his hands up and down her body causing her nipples to get rock hard.

Melissa Moore blowjob

Melissa Moore can’t take it anymore, she hops off the massage table and pulls his dick out faster than a sheriff in the wild wild west draws his gun. Slurping up and down the shaft she works the mans shifter, kicking him into a higher gear. Moaning ensues and blood flow is redirected.

Melissa Moore sex

Folding her legs up and feeding her the dick is next on his agenda, and he marks it off his to do list almost instantly. Grabbing for a titty and railing her good, she moans in pleasure, waking the neighbors.

Melissa Moore doggystyle

Bending over she throws her ass back and takes the dick from behind. Both moan loudly alerting nearby squirrels and startling the deer in the area. He squeezes her cheeks and pulls her petite body closer, finessing his dick as deep as possible.

Date: April 9, 2017
Actors: Melissa Moore

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