Hayden Hennesy Fucks Security Guard for Freedom


Hayden Hennesy has been a bad thot. Stealing and shit. She gets caught by a security guard who is willing to make an agreement. Being the open minded spiritual being she is, she quickly agrees that sucking dick and fucking is much better than getting in trouble and dealing with the fucked up prehistoric court system.

Hayden Hennesy sucking dick

He pulls out a mammoth cock which takes her by surprise. Never being one to stray from her guns, she follows through and blows the dude like a fan on a warm summer night. Without delay she strokes, she tokes, and does whatever else floats her boat. The security officer is just super stoked about getting some quality legal teen sex.

Hayden Hennesy fucked

Hayden will do whatever it takes to be free from the shackles that is the system. Bending over the table this sweet teen takes that huge cock all the way into her tummy like it was a freshly thrown together taco of the highest quality. Moaning in excitement at how dirty she is being, she’s like a pig in shit. Enjoying every minute of her captivity awaiting her eventual release so she can go hangout with some friends. This hot teen is down to fuck, and has a nice set of tits and shit.

Hayden Hennesy missionary

Laid way back like she’s rolling in a sports car like a G, she gets railed out. The security guard is pretty stoked about his stroke of luck and has no problem letting her off the hook this time. But if it happens again she’s getting the anal. Unsure of if she should go steal something right away and take him up on that offer, she throws her head back and moans out “Skittlesinabasket motherfucker harder!” he has no idea, and just continues doing his thing. “Diz bitch weird” he thinks, before busting a fatty nut and sending her on her way.


Date: April 30, 2017
Actors: Hayden Hennesy

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