Nicole Ray Takes Off Lingerie And Gets Fucked Hard After Skipping Rope


Nicole Ray is a female with a face and shit. She enjoys long rides on a cock and likes it when you spit in her ass hole. “Being a freak with nice teets isn’t hard” she tells the audience before taking off her clothes and grasping a fat rod like a hand on a ski pole. “Suck my dick and then shit in my toilet” he whispers into her ear before sticking a finger up his own ass and sitting on it firmly yet intently.

Ass you can see, she sucks the dick. She puts it in her mouth, and like, sucks it. “After this I’m gonna get paid” she thinks to herself knowingly. “Be right back I gotta heat up my coffee” the writer writes, before going to microwave his coffee cup. “Alright i’m back, faggots..” he says out loud after writing it.

She sucks that dick, as I already said. The porn is high quality, it’s the highest quality porn I have ever scene. I switched those words on purpose. As you can sea, she pulls down her lingerie while she’s got a fat cock in her mouth, while the camera man waves around his tool and captures all the right angles.

Here we see the porn mother fucking star “Nicole Ray” riding on the penis. She’s called Nicole Ray because she’s a Ray of sunshine. She’s a cup of coffee, on a table. She rides the dick, like a walrus rides the ice berg. Arm on the pillow, legs on the sofa, titties in the wind, head in the clouds. That’s how she likes it. I shit you not, I wouldn’t lie. Girls just wanna have fun fun, and Nicole Ray the blonde porn star with a pussy and a pair of titties, nipples and all, is no exception.

Here we can take a good long look at the dudes ass. It looks like a long vagina. Little penis on top like a candle on a cake or something. Her nipples dance like a dancer dancing, while her face looks down like she just tied a weight to her forehead, she peers deeply into his taint before sliding on that dick. That penis. In the phallus palace.

Date: February 1, 2017

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