Amateur Couple Does Anal Before Their Show Comes On


This amateur couple has mastered the art of anal and now does it for attention on the internet. It comes as no surprise that it is a turn on for the model turned anal extraordinaire. The two like to practice anal five to ten times a day if it’s over 80 degrees, and fifteen to thirty five times a day if it’s more in the 69 to 77 range. The two have wonderfully worded their appetite for anal sex by saying “It hurts at first, but then it feels good”, I have a similar experience with doing the dishes.

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She starts off with a bit of dick sucking before making her way to the anal. She barely can stuff this huge cock in her mouth, but she tries her best. Licking up and down the shaft lubricating it ever so gently before it is smashes into her tiny ass hole. Free anal porn galleries are great because they capture all the essence of anal and put only the best of the best in front of you!

Here she is bent over in the bathroom. The two enjoy some pussy fucking before there show comes on. Warming things up he thrust in and out of her like a space ship penetrating the atmosphere. The gravity of the situation is heavy with lots of passionate whispering and fucking. The dick pokes in so far it can be seen from the other side looking like a little baby kicking its way out.

She finally bends over and gets a dick in her ass. The moment hath finally cum. She looks at the camera knowingly, knowing all you beautiful people love it when she does anal. It is a win win situation really, as that is the only time she can cum. On the webcam in front of millions she has her ass hole torn apart and blown to bits by this mammoth cock, Now that’s what I call Anal.

Date: February 9, 2017

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