The Wondrous Leah Gotti Gets Sex And A Facial After Shower


Leah Gotti has had a long day by the pool and is ready to get all the chlorine off her skin in the shower. A cute face, with a mouth, and two eyes leads the way. Lucky dude gets to come with her. It doesn’t take long for her to slip out of this bikini down to her birthday suit.

Leah Gotti pornstar

She’s walking backwards and towards the bathroom. A spin and a giggle and the two suddenly appear in the bathroom.

Leah Gotti shower sex

Leah Gotta cleans up good with quality shampoo fit for a princess. A slippery surface, she shows off her balance. Biting her lip she enjoys the massage and anticipates dat dick yo.

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Enjoying the dick she’s receiving she lays on the bed and moans in pleasure. He thrust it in and lets nature take its course. The sheets look pretty clean and she likes looking down and watching the whole spectacle from from above while she rubs her clitoris sending healthy pleasurable chemicals in and throughout her body.

After a good fuck session she gets down on her knees and prays for a cum shot. She gets her wish and it’s planted on her face like a seed. The carpet looks recently vacuumed and there’s a comfy light looking blanket on the bed. That could keep you warm. You can follow Leah Gotti on twitter if you want.

Date: February 22, 2017

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