Janice Griffith is a gamer with big boobs and a thirst for cock


Janice Griffith is a sexy Emo gamer with big boobs, a desire for cocks and a good time. She gets to seduce her roomie’s bf, who is attracted and aroused by her gaming skills. Right away, he is in her pussy, sucking it and licking it. This drives this tattooed up gaming bimbo insane. He even licks her ass and flicks her clit to get her off. She’s giggling all throughout the session. Then, his cock comes out and she sucks that long schlong of his.

Janice Griffith

As the dude is playing a video game Janice Griffith is on his cock, riding it and jerking it off. She is insatiable. She is so loud that the dude can’t focus on the game but has to finish fucking her first. Her pussy is amazing and he wants to cum so that he can go back to his video game. he spunks all over her boobs and she sucks him off.

Janice Griffith

Date: February 1, 2018
Actors: Janice Griffith

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