Dolly Leigh Gets Creampied By A Fuck Buddy She Found Online


Dolly Leigh is at it again, driving and hanging out, getting fucked and raking it in. In this luxury cottage Dolly meets her guy friend and the two share an intimate sex session. He bows down to take a sniff and she lightly toots on his nose. A cute fart though, nothing out of the ordinary. It wasn’t wet, but her panties were.

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All this foreplay gets her worked up and her panties basically dissolve from her body evaporating into thin air he breathes them in and blows his nose revealing a blue pair from the red. A tiny bow decorates the rear, like a new car in the driveway on a comfortable morning.

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Laying back and letting nature takes its course she has her bottom lifted up and his fat rod baked inside her vagina at 120 degrees for eleven minutes.The thrusting action these two endure is enough to send a typical male or female into orgasm. Her nipples get hard like pert little rocks atop a wonderful cascading mountain falling to a beautiful field surrounded by entertaining wildlife encased in health and well being. She smiles knowingly at how well decorated the room is, and creams on his phallus.

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Pounding away like a carpenter with nails and a job to do, her pussy gets filled with his and her cum. The well lubricated situation is nothing short of awe inspiring, promoting an erection to even the dullest of minds. “Have you ever came so hard?” he asked her, to which she replied “I think once, but it was in a dream”. The writer chimes in with a witty narration line like “An the two lived happily ever after..”. A beautiful wonderful stupendous porn production with marvelous Directors, Promoters, Marketers, Writers, and the required Hardware results in a high quality slice of a jerk off heaven such as this.

Date: February 10, 2017

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