December 13th 2016


Today has been a good day thus far, spent some time at work and then made my way to the computer to update this wonderful website known as FappyBirds where I just post the hottest girls from all realms of the world. It’s a fun hobby and I hope it makes me millions of visitors once I perfect my trade Game.

A hot teacher
A hot teacher we all can learn something from.

In todays posts I posted about Kylie Jenner being able to glide and also posted a magnificent fuck video starring Alexa Grace. We really stopped to smell the roses when we posted about model Elizabeth Turner. A recent photo on Instagram really popped to our attention the way a bubble rises to the top. Ah yes, I remember now.


It was yesterday when I was like damn, Kristin Scott has a nice ass in jeans. I came up with a witty title saying it dilated my pupils, Such a creative gent I am. I’m looking forward to adding even more posts to the website and bringing Attention to the stars I telescope. If you’re interested in contacting me about trading traffic or submitting content or really anything we can vibe.


Date: December 13, 2016

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