Jasmine Tookes trained gymnastics and exotic supermodel


Born and raised in California, Jasmine Tookes trained gymnastics for ten years before she became a model at the age of 15. That’s probably the reason why this ebony beauty has such a skinny, yet toned, body. And that body is the reason for her becoming such a famous and well-paid supermodel that is now working with the most famous fashion names.

Her light brown skin and her slim body look like she is a beach volleyball player, making her the perfect candidate for swimming suit and bikini shots. Her face looks exotic and is so beautiful that many men stay focused on it before even checking out the rest of her. Her big brown eyes can stare so seductively that it raises a heartbeat of anyone that sees her.

Her full lips look great whether she is smiling or not, and they make men wonder what they would look like in some other situations. I guess we will never know because this astonishing beauty earns so much that she has no need for additional jobs. The swimsuits and fashion dresses that she wears fit her perfectly and she is well aware of that fact, every step she makes is full of confidence in her beauty.

Her boobs are small but her butt is big and round, just like is to be expected from a former gymnast. Her ample bubble butt and her slim figure make her look like she’s a girl that can make a man sweat, and like she is able to deliver a lot of pleasurable moments to her partner, and it is probably true. Though few men could be able to keep the pace with a girl that is looking that good and is in such a good shape, many dream of giving it a shot.

Date: September 8, 2017
Actors: Jasmine Tookes

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