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This cute teen is ready to do what it takes to become rich and famous. Ready to suck and fuck her way to victory one might say. This guy is ready to help her get where she’s going, and bust a nut in that tight teen ass along the way. The sexy teen walks towards him, inching her way into his vicinity wearing nothing but panties and a seductive look on her face. He’s more than ready to pound that tight teen pussy out, and he does just that, let me tell you.

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Wearing nothing but her pink panties that she bought at the Good Will in 2014 with some cash she earned from doing a local car wash one hot summers day, she makes her way towards her target. He rubs her tight teen pussy through her panties and this get her hot and horny. She starts foaming at the lips per say, reaching for his cock like a hungry giraffe stretches it neck for a leaf. It doesn’t take long for her to be down on her knees and shoving his cock into her wet mouth for a mutually fun time. He’s ready to smear that makeup off her face, and does just that.

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He brushes her red tinted hair tot he side to reveal a sexy side view of her sucking his fairly thick cock. She massages the balls and makes sure to take it as deeply down her throat as she can, nearly gagging on the fat dick sliding in and out of her mouth. Grabbing the cock with her hand she sucks it before looking up and innocently asking if he will suck her pussy. He decides that sounds like a delicious meal, and he hasn’t eaten yet, so he does just that!

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Pinching her nipples in pleasure she looks down as the older man licks her pussy top to bottom. He has some experience and of this she is reassured. He sexy teen legs spread wide while he feast on her wet and tangy pussy. He’s had enough of all this munching and is ready to fuck this bitch. Bending her over he asks her if she’s ever been fucked in the ass before, she says that she hasn’t and he replies with “YOU GON’ LEARN T’DAY!” and proceeds to slowly and gently work his alright sized phallus into her shit palace.

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The two fuck and she takes to the anal fucking like a dolphin doth water. He cute teen pussy hangs loose under appreciated while her tight asshole gets the stretching its been longing for. He thrust in and out of her ass hole like a scuba diver with a limited supply of oxygen coming back up to refill his tanks. The two have a great chemistry and she’s glad she has met such a good teacher, boys her age never really could please her, and she’s always been into older men anyway. The two each got what they wanted and when it was all said and done they went out to a fancy restaurant all dressed up in their favorite clothes. He drives a pretty sweet BMW she thinks to herself while she stares off into the distance as the trees pass her by. I think I will get that pasta he says out loud. The two giggle and decide to pick up some sex toys and weed on the way home, Amen.

Date: August 22, 2017

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