Dude Bribing His Step Daughter To Fuck


This step dad is a dirty dog with a pocket full of cash and a nut sack full of vital energy. Finding himself entirely attracted to his step daughter wasn’t first on his list of things to do, but love is love so who am I to judge? After having several failed attempts at finding a hook up on adults personals websites, he decides he’s going to see how his step daughters pussy feels.

Liza Rowe step daughter

Spying her in the bathroom turns his key and gets him feeling confident. He knows if he can beat up her moms pussy, he surely can tear this little piece of ass Up. Liza Rowe isn’t completely surprised by her step dad coming on to her, the two have had some undeniable chemistry for more than a minute. She see’s him in the mirror checking her out and decides to pop her butt out a little bit like the top off a champagne bottle. He finally pops the question and says “Hey, I give you some money, you gime dat ass?” and she’s more than down with the offer.

Liza Row blowjob

Falling down on her knees she sucks on her step dads dick and lets her titties hang free. He’s stoked his plan is actually working. He ends up getting a magnificent, world changing, reality altering blowjob. “This is way better than the other hook up sites I have been using!” he comments, while she blows and strokes his shaft with delight. She’s just happy that he didn’t find her profile on the adult sex personals website.

Liza Rowe fucked

The two go upon their way but the next day rolls around and he realizes just a blowjob wasn’t enough. After a bit of smooth talking and a couple hundred dollars, he gets another blowjob, but this time ices that cake with a bit of sex with his sexy little step daughter Liza Rowe. She probably would of done it for free but since he offered the money she accepts it, so she can buy some sexy clothes and matching underwear.

Date: May 3, 2017
Actors: Liza Rowe

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