Natalia Starr Fucks Her Husbands Boss To Get Him Promoted


Having really wanted this promotion for a long time, Natalia Starr’s husband has been pulling 18 hour days to land the gig. Deciding to help out in anyway she can, she sports a tiny black dress, just in case she can somehow lean the odds in their favor with her ravishing good looks.

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Her husband gets called into the office real quick and she is left to entertain her husbands boss until her returns. Boss explains he would rather manage the writers and link builders by himself rather than outsource the work but Natalia has other plans. Offering up anal in exchange for the job position, the boss can do nothing but agree.

Natalia Starr little black dress

The two touchdown in the bedroom, he proceeds by pulling up her little black dress and licking her nipples in a circular pattern. Moaning in pleasure she presses her pelvis into the air and grinds her pussy into his dick.

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She pulls his ball sack up and runs her tongue up the shaft of his cock, making sure to cover every millimeter in her saliva before bowing her head down and engulfing the entire member in her chatter box’s warm embrace. Peering deeply into the soul of her boss she performs at her peak, for her husband.

Once both organs are nice and wet the combine forces and induce a rush of pleasure chemicals. Lust overwhelms the room as she bobs and weaves on the blood engorged phallus. Filling her up like two egg sandwiches in the morning, she stares up at the art work on the wall while she rides him like a good wave. And finally we get to see anal sex.

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Making good on her promise she pulls a leg forward and he works his way into her ass. Natalia Starr rubs her pussy and closes her eyes as he inserts his quarter into her sex game. He thrust in with all his might straightening her spine and relieving her lower back pain.

Natalia Starr anal creampie

He finally nuts inside of her ass and she couldn’t be happier about the whole situation. Finally her husband will get the position that he wanted, and she got a good fuck and some sexual release. Dude is happy about the arrangement as he got to fuck this babe in the ass and lessened his work load.

Date: April 13, 2017
Actors: Natalia Starr

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