Aletta Ocean Is A Good Maid


Aletta Ocean is good at cleaning the house and taking a dick. She even lets her employer stick it in her ass. They call that anal sex. She has a fat pair of titties and has no problem sucking a dick. She sucks a dick like water out the well and catches a cum shot like water out the hose.

Aletta Ocean xxx

Her employer dude is all “Hey maid, you’re all naked and shit” and she responds with a “Yeah cuz I need dat dick baby” and after that the two end up fucking light animals.

Aletta Ocean blowjob

First Aletta Ocean bobs on his knob with her pretty face and vagina looking lips. A wet tongue that reminds me of my ass hole on a summers day. She wears a maids outfit and the dick seems to fit in her mouth without to many problems..

Aletta Ocean maid

So a bit of time goes on and she takes the dick in her ass. He cleans out her colon free of charge and she agrees to clean the house for the next 3 days at the same rate. It’s a wonderful agreement and the two continue to have sex for several more minutes as you can see in the video. It’s a pretty great porn. People jerk off to it, and when they are done they put there nut in a napkin on on their pant leg or on the bottom of the chair. Aletta Ocean is a porn star with a fat set of titties and she isn’t afraid to take a dick in the ass.

Aletta Ocean anal

He switches up the position like gears in a car and she doesn’t seemed phased, she enjoys it and makes a little kissy face while riding upon the pole of fury. Swinging from side to side like a pendulum, the world goes on, and he bust a fat nut in her ass.


Date: March 20, 2017
Actors: Aletta Ocean

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