Carter Cruise Fucks Her Study Buddy During Math Competition


Throwing books aside the study buddies were getting tired of learning useless information. The decided they would practice their sex games. And see if they could become the best there ever was. “We’re going to need to do this a lot to become the best” she whispered. “Lets start right now!” he chirped back.

Her group looks back to see what all the commotion is about and sees that they are trying to sharpen a pencil the hard way, “Try pushing towards the top more” she suggest. All he does is gives a thumbs up.

She gets her clam filled with ol’ wang and she really really likes. She yells out “THIS IS THE BEST CLASS EVER!!!” to which he responds “I HOPE WE PASS!”.

He pinches her butt a little, and gives it a potent slap. Books in the background fall open and telepathically place essential knowledge into your mind in chunks of useful perfectly worded phrases. Always on time, she cums strawberry flavored Go Gurt.

Date: March 1, 2017

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