Alex Grey Fucks Long Lost Friend For A Bottle Of Miracle Grow


Alex Grey is a petite blonde with the desire to get taller. Her old high school friend shows up with the perfect solution to her troubles. He has a bottle full of “Miracle Grow” that he’s willing to sell for the relatively cheap price of $49.99 or $50 if you don’t mind shelling out the extra penny. When she doesn’t have enough money to pay, she ask’s if there’s anything else she can do. The two think about it for a moment before he says she may offer him sexual favors in return for the magic pills. She agree’s and reaches for his wiener.

Alex Grey gives a blowjob

After struggling for a moment she manages to free the snake from it’s cage and stuff it in her mouth like dirty panties. The quality acting and personality put into this porn video surely makes it one of the best sex videos of all time. Alex Grey surely will lead the charts for years to cum with a face and ass bod like dat. Mark my words.

Non nude alex grey gives head

She has a petite little frame like a sports car and a pretty face that could dazzle a suit. Perky little titties and carved curves make for an aerodynamic fuck anyone could enjoy. After a good bit of dick sucking, she’s ready to move on to getting some dick. She’s excited about her Miracle Grow pills she’s going to get, and makes sure to do an epic job.

Alex Grey bends over and gets penetrated like an unsecured computer system. Having recently tightened her love box performing kegals, he thoroughly enjoys being inside her. So much so that she’s ready for the next position like dis bish was playin’ a game uh duck duck goose.

Alex Grey sex

Here she holds up her legs and grabs a cheek while she enjoys dat dick. Moaning loudly the deer in the distance wonders what’s going on in there. “We makin’ money foo!” she replies back chirpily.

Finally the day has come when Alex Grey will get this fat load of cum shot upon her face like it always belonged there. She strokes the dick until it throws a dick fit and sprays semen on her chin and in her gullet. She opens up her bottle of Miracle Grow after he parts ways, only to find that it’s empty! Bamboozled!

Date: February 22, 2017
Actors: Alex Grey

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