Little Step Sister Kylie Quinn Gets Fucked In The Gym


What starts off as a workout turned selfie fest quickly turns into a penis entering a Vagina. The two show chemistry on and off scene. Step sister Kylie bends over the bouncy ball and takes the dick inside her pussy. The two gently rock back and forth as he massages his shaft within her walls. What started as a fuck continues to be so. She handles the dick and rides it as one would a horse or camel.

She really gives the bouncy ball a good working as she bounces her slim tummy on it. She gets up on top of the penis and rides it reverse cow girl reminding me of a scene from the wild wild west. The dick slowly slides into the tight bodied teens pussy. She is petite and bears a perfect set of tits fit for the world to see. We are glad her calling has brought her to the screen. The dude has surely put his hours in strengthening his mind and body to be able to feed the dick at a super star level.

The camera man does his job catching various angles and the same positions as always. The key is the female changes and they are all beautiful and different. I’d love to take Kylie Quinn out to lunch and then back to a hotel room to fuck and record a quick scene. That would be epic. I think my dick is big enough, it’s like 7 inches. Maybe a specialty website that specializes in 7 inch dicks. I’d just be worried that I’d nut quickly, but I recover equally as fast. There are times I surprise myself and really put on a decent performance.

Date: December 6, 2016

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