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Two Babes In Yoga Pants Fuck One Lucky Dude

This lucky guy is ready for his first Yoga session, upon arrival noticing he’s the only one in the class aside from his two hot yoga teachers. Ready to learn and willing to put the time in, he lays down on the mat while they massage and loosen his muscles for the intense Yoga lesson that is about to occur.

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Sliding a hand up her students shorts she finds herself a mammoth trunk. The two girls get excited about the big dick, and decide they want to have a little fun with it. Putting it in their mouths and kissing one another, this guy can’t believe the luck he’s found himself residing in. Thinking he was just coming in to get a quick Yoga lesson, he actually ends up fucking his two Yoga teachers, and busting a fatty nut that was heard around the globe.

Yoga Girls kiss

The two girls kiss with his dick in hand. The hottie blonde puts her ass in his face and he rips open her Yoga pants to get a taste of that flagrant pussy. He isn’t disjointed and goes to town eating it while the two rub his cock and massage his body. Wondering if he will ever learn the proper way to do the downward dog, he quickly pushes that thought to the side and enjoys the present moment.

Yoga pants fuck

She finally bends over and lets him slide that cock deep inside her tight little pussy. Still wearing her Yoga pants, she grinds back and forth nearing orgasm. She can’t wait until he bust a fat nut all over the back of her ass. Moaning loudly while her friend grabs her butt and throws it back at the hard cock. The three enjoy their time together and even end up learning a bit of yoga before all is said and done.

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